Under Bar Mounting System – Z-Bracket


Our patent pending Z-bracket lets you use all the space on your crossbars and mount your Road Shower under the bars.  Brackets are heavy duty powder coated steel.  All bolts, washers, etc, are stainless steel.  Comes with our heavy duty mounting brackets.

Good for tall vans or vehicles that do not have a door that will be blocked by the Road Shower 4.  It will hang 6″ under the bars.

Potential uses are mounting your surfboards on the bars and the Road Shower 4 underneath. Or a roof top tent on top and the RS04 underneath.

Come with a complete set of long bolts and short bolts to fit most racks. 8 bolts will not be used.




Z Bracket
Z Bracket



Under Bar Mounting Brackets.
Contents:  2 Z brackets
8 Long hex bolts – thick racks
8 short hex bolts – thin racks
8 carriage bolts
16 lock nuts
16 washers

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z bracket box
z bracket box

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 in