Uses of Road Shower

Easy to use and operate. Few mechanical or electrical parts mean this shower could last you a lifetime. Easy to repair with parts from the store.

Here are just a few ideas for how you can use your Road Shower.

High pressure jet gets gear clean.

You will probably use your Road Shower more for cleaning your gear than for cleaning yourself. It has a high pressure jet setting which can blast off the mud and dirt. Back from kayaking...clean off the mud before you load it on the rack. Surfing....get the sand off at the beach. Biking....nobody likes the mud to set in on their bike...clean it off right away.

Unexpected messes.

When you ar traveling, unexpected messes can occur at anytime. With the Road Shower, you have an easily accesible water supply which is ready to clean up the mess. In this case, a bottle of soda spilled in the cooler, and Joel empty the cooler, cleaned all the things off, and put everything back.

Clean fish or game


Clean up the mess after hunting or fishing.

It is great to be able to wash your hands before opening your car.




Clean your carIf your car gets muddy or you can't see through the windshield you an blast it off now. An extra garden hose can be attached to the nozzle end to extend the length of your hose. This comes in handy for campsites that are a little far from your car.

Clean your boots.If you run into some mud, sand, or dirt on your hike or your walk on the beach, you can get your boots or shoes cleaned off before you put them back in your car. (nozzle may vary).

Clean the dishesDoing the dishes is easier with pressurized hot water. It is really handy when you are just at a quick lunch stop and want to rinse off your dishes and head out.

Clean your bikeYour bike will last a lot longer if you keep the mud from setting in the components. Blast it clean as soon as you get back to your car.

Clean your hands.If your get your hands dirty, it is hard to get into your vehicle and find a jug and cloth and get cleaned up, without making a bigger mess. Road Shower is easily accesible, so you can get that quick rinse off when you need it.

Clean off your surf boardNobody likes putting their board on their vehicle while it is covered in sand or dirt. Get it clean before you get home.