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Selected by Outside Magazine for the top car camping gear for 2018. See it here.

-By Outside Magazine

A key piece of kit for our Overland camping set-up is the new Road Shower 4. This pressurized aluminum tank utilizes available solar radiation to heat water to a comfortable shower temperature. Allowing my wife and I maintain a high level of cleanliness while camping off the grid. See the review here.

Comfortably exploring the backcountry. That’s the goal of every off-roader I know. The better the backcountry and the better the comfort, the better the experience. Read the rest of the review here.

-By Sean Michael - Director at Outdoor Product Design and Development / Utah State University

Out of 62 products evaluated, Road Shower made the top 8. There are plenty of positives, like the easy-to-fill tank which you never have to lug around and the LCD thermometer to let you know whether it’s shower time or not. The rack-mounted tank is fairly easy to install and the clips allow for hands-free washing are a real benefit. Read the rest of the review here.

-By Faveable Review team.

We have this awesome option mounted to our roof rack on top of the van and it comes in handy when not in a city and you can't use one of the above two suggestions. It is essentially a 5 gallon metal tank painted black. It has a hose with shower head connected, and it is pressurized using a bicycle pump, 12v electric pump, straight from the hose or similar. Read the rest of the review here.

-By Our Home on Wheels.

I live in San Francisco and I am an avid kite boarder/ surfer - I can't help but think that this product and ultimately your company will take off. I love seeing new ideas like this. There is a very large group of people here the Bay Area that love to play in the ocean that will love this product. I can't wait to get mine - looking forward to telling people what it is and where I got it. 
I have been using it for a few months now and wanted to get back to you. The pressure is great, lasts long enough for two people to rinse off after getting out of the ocean. I usually use a small bike pump and usually pump about 10-15 times. The water doesn't get that warm on the cloudy coast, but if there is some sun out that day, it is warmer than  the ocean and feels good. It is easy to fill up, and is a lot better than a jug in the back of a car. I would recommend it to a friend for sure.

-Beau Blume - San Francisco

Being on the road is freeing, and the daily ebb and flow of climbing life is intoxicating for me and my wife. But what happens if you need to work a bit on the road? Or meet up with folks? Or just want to wash off the dirt from a few days in the backcountry? Enter the Road Shower. Read the rest of the review here.

-Craig DeMartino has been a climber for the past 24 years. He climbs around the US and the world chasing routes of all types.

Alpha Expeditions in Dallas outfits their flagship vehicle with a Road Shower. David Tung, the president of the company, says that the Dallas sun sure heats the water up well. Here is the link to their online store which specializes in Overland travel and touring.


It may be the best innovation for camping since the tent. In a nutshell, it allows for hot water washing no matter where you camp. You have hot water without having to burn fuel to heat the water. You have hot water no matter how long you have been in camp or on the trail, it heats right on top of your car, using energy from the sun. And on top of all that, you can pressurize the tank instead of relying on gravity to wash with. You can pull into a flat, treeless camp, and have a hot shower right after shutting off the car...... To read the rest of the review please click here.


Using the Road Shower - click here

Jennie demonstrates some of the practical uses for the Road Shower such as cleaning off the dog before letting her get back in the car. This is a very beautiful video which highlights the Road Shower in the mountains.


Live Outside and Play Video - click here

Jess Dadio goes on the road for a year to document what it is like to live outside with no permanent address. She is a travel editor for Blue Ridge Outdoors. She finds the Road Shower a very practical device for living on the road.


Road Shower - Solar Road Shower Review

Overall I was impressed with the build quality and features of the Road Shower. It is easy to see that a lot of thought has gone into its development. Due to its size, it is not a piece of equipment that I want to take on and off my vehicle each day. However, once installed, it is very secure. Road Shower is must have equipment for your next road trip.

-InsomniacReviews - click here


We took the Road Shower on an overland tour through Utah and Canyonlands. We went over some of the toughest terrain on earth. We mounted to Road Shower across the back of our cargo rack, by drilling 4 holes in the rack and mounting it directly to the back rail. It worked great and never came loose. We used it to clean off the muddy motorcycle, take showers, do the dishes, and hose off the campsite. We connected the Road Shower to our on board compressor so it had plenty of pressure the whole time. The Road Shower will always be part of our gear. See Jesse's online video review here:

FJ Overlander Review - click here

-Jesse Moore - FJ Overlander Review

A review from Underground Explorers.:

We took the Road Shower on a ten day trip to Nevada to see how it worked. We had mostly sunny skies, warm temperatures and quite a bit of wind. We used the Road Shower often during the day to wash our hands and clean up. Having quick and easy access to water in this manner was great. We actually washed up more often than usual because it was so convenient.

We found it to be very practical and convenient, not only on long trips but even day to day around town. If you leave a gallon of water in the tank you're be surprised how often you find yourself using it. The Road Shower is particularly helpful for those with smaller vehicles that don't have room for five gallons of water (of fully loaded vehicles like our Jeep where every cubic inch of space is filled on a longer trip).  See the rest of the review at:

-Underground Explorers

A review from Hoagie's Garage:

“Why didn’t I think of that.” “That is the best idea I’ve seen in awhile!” “Where did you get that thing?”  I didn’t even have to be using the Roadshower and people everywhere would stop and comment or ask about it.

Arriving in Ventura we went straight to C-Street to paddle out on some new boards. Surfed fairly clean, stomach high rights all evening. We pumped the shower up while planning the morning dawn patrol at Oxnard. The next morning after surfing for several hours we used the pressurized shower. It was nice to spray fresh water over the boards and shower the wetsuits off with. There was just enough pressure left to rinse our feet off also before sliding the flops back on. The water had warmed too, even though the marine layer had only just started to move out about 45 mins before we got out. With ~15 psi in the shower, good pressure lasted about a minute with a small bit of pressure for another 30 seconds. The next time we use the Roadshower I will bring a pump or a CO2 device to charge the shower on demand!  See the rest of the review at:

-Hoagie's Garage

Love the Road Shower and my girl friend loves it more. Now after a long day of hiking or biking we can both get cleaned up before dinner. We have traveled all over North America and our Road Shower has not had any problems.

-Gareth Tate

The Road Shower 2 is looking good on my new Teardrop. Great to have hot pressurized water in a small package.

-Bradford Meadows

The Road Shower adds hot pressurized water to our ultra-light camper. We have tested it in a lot of places and it works great. We figured out how to mount it to the bumper of our Happier Campers.

-Wil Sarmienti

Phasmid also offers an extensive line of rental items for Montana outdoor adventures. We are currently Bozeman’s sole provider of rental bear spray and car camping gear. We also rent roof-top ski boxes, Road Shower, child seats, baby gear, fly-fishing equipment, coolers, optics, camp cooking kits and much more. Although rental gear walk-ins are welcome, we prefer scheduling an advance appointment so we can make sure our guest’s needs are met.

-Phasmid Rentals

Mein Fazit Die Solardusche finde ich sehr praktisch. Die Befestigung auf dem Heckträger lässt zwar „nur“ noch weitere 35kg auf diesem zu, für 2 Räder oder Heckbox reicht mir das mehr als aus. Die Dusche lässt sich als extra Wassertank verwenden. Um unterwegs Dreck von Schuhen und Rädern, Salzwasser von den Neos und Boards abzuspülen oder am Strand unmittelbar und unter die eigene Dusche zu steigen – perfekt!

Click here for full review.


I am a free diver and live near Monterey. We paddle out in kayaks in our wetsuits and dive for abalone and also go spear fishing. The Road Shower is nice to rinse off our wetsuits and our kayaks before we load them up. We also use it to rinse the salt off of ourselves, which makes the drive home a little nicer. It is usually cloudy and cool on the coast, so it doesn't get that warm. We use a little battery powered compressor from Sears that costs $40 and it works great. We can pressurize it on demand.

-Tom Tahk

I wanted to email to tell you how much I like my Road Shower. It is easy for me to pressurize. I use my onboard compressor and only need to air it up one time. I probably have four gallons of water in there so I don't need to air it up again. It is easy to do this way and the pressure cap keeps me from over filling.

Once aired up the pressure is really good. My girl friend has long hair and you need the pressure to blast you way through it. She takes her shower first and I am happy with what is left over. These showers do come out very clean. I also used it to clean out my ice chest. I have a rectangle of Astro Turf to stand on when we are showering to prevent splashes and dirty feet.

We have been on a three week trip to Utah, to Death Valley, in the Sierra's and Mojave National Monument as well as other places and all of these have been very warm out, between 90 and 118 degrees. There has been no problem with hot water getting too hot. You do have to take your shower before dark if the outdoor temperatures drop since the water cools off very quickly.

The set up is very easy. The others I have used needs lengthy setups, propane bottles, re circulate the water among other things. Of course, we are all alone when we shower so we don't need to setup a privacy booth or anything else. On the Road shower, I do have a problem with the hose length, mainly because my truck is high. I am trying to make an adapter to hang the nozzle on and/or extending the hose.

I think you really need to mention again about making sure all the bolts are tight, not just on the shower itself but the rack it is mounted on. We drive a lot of off road miles and it tends to vibrate loose, not too bad since we check everything all the time but more for those people to tend to slap the road shower on and forget about it. We've used the shower 37 time now and there has been no issues at all.

I would definitely  recommend it to a friend.


I purchased a Road Shower in August of 2013 to be able to take a shower after a bicycle road race. I was able to mount it on my 2008 Toyota Highlander factory roof rack with a Yakima Mighty Mount Kit ($34) and secure it with a bolt lock ($28). I've been extremely happy with the road shower. It looks great and I'm able to mount and fill it in less than 10 minutes. The water heats up while I drive to the race and is nice and hot for a pressurized shower afterwards. If my bike gets muddy during a race because of the weather conditions, I am able to use the Road Shower to clean it up before the trip home.

Matt Conidaris - Body Concepts Bicycle Racing Team

Note from Road Shower: The new model comes with mounting brackets that will allow you to mount it to a factory rack like Matt's without having to buy the Yakima Horizontal Mighty Mounts.

Here's how to install you Road Shower to a T4 camper: Buy the standard T4 awning support brackets about 50€. Bend them back with a hammer and work bench. Follow instructions to install awning normally. Hey presto -- you can now enjoy using your roadshower even when you're wild camping, or at the beach with your pop up, up or down! Thanks to the roadshower team for this very innovative and practical accessory! Well worth it, I use it throughout the summer in France. Its great.

-Mike Wilson

Love my Road Shower. I am going on an extended trip througn Mexico and Central America where it will be perfect on my Westy. Hope someday you can make a larger capacity. It mounted to the side of my Westy just fine. Thank you for a great product!

-Mike Wilson

I do a lot of overland travel in my custom jeep. I am very particular about the gear I carry, since I have limited space. I came across the Road Shower years ago, and was intrigued by it. In the Spring of 2013, I contacted Joel to see if where he was at in the development. He let me know that he would have a new aluminum style available. I ordered one and it worked great. It had plenty of pressure and down here in Arizona, the water got mighty hot.

I liked it so much, I ordered 10 more and showed them at the Overland Expo. People really like it. It is something completely new, and there is nothing really like it at this point. An outdoor writer, Chaz Layne, picked it as one of the more innovative products there. Click here to see the article.

S. Grant Sergott - Optimo Hatworks

From a customer who took the 2013 model on a Baja trip during early Spring 2014.

Thanks for your support during fitment as we were getting ready and for expediting the product to us before the trip... the road shower actually saved me money because we didn't have to stop in hotels so the wife could shower! Very pleased with the product quality and performance-- a lot of people were curious about what it was and we even had another family whose bag shower failed come and ask to use it (of course we said yes.)

I pressurized the tank using an ARB compressor with a mini output regulator to adjust for ~15psi output.  Below is a pic of the regulator (or one very similar):

On one day, when I didn't want to bring down the compressor from the roof rack, we just used the CO2 bike cartridge adapter.  It seemed to work just as well. 

As for heating, it did acceptably well on sunny days.  Ambient temperatures never exceeded 85° in the day, but the Road Shower heated up to acceptable temperature for a shower. The Road Shower never felt too hot.  During the day we were driving multiple hours in the sun; on days where we were stopped the Road Shower was exposed to the sun all day.

The temperature of the water cools down relatively quickly; on one evening we needed to boil a pot of water and add it to the Road Shower because we missed the 'window of opportunity'. 

Great product -- I'm sure it will have a home on our rig for years to come.

- Jared W.


From my use thus far, I am impressed on the ease of use and effectiveness of the Road Shower. It's nice to be able to quickly rinse off no matter where you are, it saves space in the back of the car, and doesn't take up much room on the rack


Just got my Road Shower and mounted it on my Sprinter van vertically. It works well even with the vertical mount. Stays pressurized and is easy to access. Thank you for a great product. - C Brown.

I am sorry that it took so long to respond but we have been on the road camping and testing some of our camping products and I have to say we are extremely pleased with our Road Shower. We have put it through a lot and it has been a great edition to our camping activities. We have driven with it mounted permanently to our Nissan Pathfinder at Highway speeds up to 70 MPH. We tested it consistently at 63-65 mph and have driven over 11,000 miles with our Road Shower. The longest travel at highway speeds was a 2200 mile Interstate roundtrip vacation over a one week period. Our Road Shower hasn't had any broken parts or malfunctions and it has survived the extreme desert heat of Arizona recorded at 118 degrees, the extreme cold temperatures of the high country reaching below 0 degrees, snow, rain and extreme winds. We have relied on the Road Shower many times and it has been a lifesaver. Everywhere we go we are asked about it and explain how convenient it is to have. We just fill it up, place the cap on and go! It is so simple and easy! If we just want to wash our hands, take a shower, cool off the dog, or have the convenience of readily accessible water on hand then no problem! We have the Road Shower - a backup water source for emergencies! Note: We have changed our shower set up over the course of the past year from a small tan shower curtain to a heavy duty canvas tarp lined with a plastic shower liner. An additional note is that we did learn very quickly during cold weather to make sure that we parked the Road Shower facing the sun because the temperature inside the Road Shower drops to match the ambient temperature outside when night falls. However, this is not a problem! Just plain life! We found that if we took our showers right before the sun went down then it was a lot warmer and nicer! All in all this is one of the best purchases we have made! Thank's for a great product!! Our Road Shower has been put through the ringer and has passed every test Mother Nature, my mother & father-in-law, and we have thrown at it! Again we are very impressed with the durability and practicality of this product! It is a must for anyone wanting a hassle free shower and water supply!

Chandra & Everett - Phoenix, Arizona

Road Shower note: This review was for one of our first models. There are still hundreds out there performing well.

There are many happy Road Shower customers.