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1) How do I check the water level?

Answer: By the way, you can check the water level using the clear poly hose. Just open the cap and hold the hose nozzle above the top of the shower, and pull the trigger. The water inside the shower will fill the clear hose and show you the water level.

2) How hot will it get?

Road Shower uses the renewable energy of the sun. The sun heats the black surface on the outside which heats the water on the inside. The water temperature rises 12-20 degrees per hour on a warm sunny day. If your water starts at 60 degrees, it should be 90+ degrees in about 2 hours. On a hot sunny day the water can get to 110 F, on a really hot day it might scald you, so be careful. Just feel the tank with your hand. The water will be the temperature of the tank. For added safety, spray some water on your hand to see if it is too hot. Check out our accessory page for where to get a little stick on thermometer. Allow about 10 seconds to drain the hose and get the heated water from the tank. If the water is too hot, wait until it cools or drain some and add a gallon of cool water. It heats up while you are driving down the highway, 4 wheeling, or parked somewhere in the sun. The Road Shower does not heat water as well if the outside temperature is below 70 degrees and/or the sun is low in the sky, or during cloudy days. However, if the water is about 70 degrees in the tank, you can heat 1 gallon of water on a camp stove, add it to 3 gallons of water in the tank, and the water will be about 100 degrees.

3) Can you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes, at this time for free.

4) Can you ship to Canada or Europe?

Yes. Please see our ebay store. I will offer a subtantial discount to help you cover the cost of shipping and fees. ---- Read the product info to learn how to get the discount.

5) Can Road Shower be mounted vertically?

Yes...just make sure it is secure. Fill cap would go towards the top.

Also, due to the flat nature of the bottom, you can take it off your car and put it on a flat table or other flat surface.

6) My Road Shower got a little loose on a rough road. What can I do about it?

It will come loose if it is not tight enough or the mounting brackets are not for your application. Tigthen them really tight. You can't hurt the shower. It is reinforced along the slot. What will damage the slot is if the bolt is loose and bangs around.

Answer: From the current owner's manual.

Mounting: Use a 1/2” wrench or a socket wrench to tighten the nuts.  They should be very tight. You can tighten them as tight as they go. Once both brackets are secure, push and pull on the Road Shower sideways , and see if it slips along the bar. If it slips, tighten more. If you reuse nylock nuts, they lose their ability to stay locked. Be sure to use your lock washers if you reuse the nylock nuts.  

clip tight

You can tighten the mounting straps all the way down if you need to like this picture.

Be sure to mount the Road Shower securely and tightly. Check  and tighten after driving on rough roads, as it could loosen.
Failure to do so, could result in the Road Shower flying off your vehicle in a quick stop or an accident, causing injury to other people or vehicles. It could also cause damage to your own vehicle. Make sure nozzle and hose are secured to the hose mount prior to traveling.  You can secure the hose with the Velcro straps on both ends of the tank. You can also remove the hose when you are not using the Road Shower, but do not want to remove the tank.

We also suggest putting a hose clamp or some retainer on the end of your bar if your shower is mounted on the ends of your bars. That way if it slips, it won't go over the end. If the included mounts do not work well with your rack, please purchase another mount bracket, such as Yakima Mighty Mounts, or Rocky Mounts Universal wraps. Please see our accessories page.

7) Can I add a longer hose?

Yes. You can screw another hose on the end of the Road Shower 2 hose or the Road Shower 2 elbow. We sell 8' hoses in our online store.

If you want to screw a hose on the elbw of Road Shower 1, the elbow will not take a standard garden hose without an adapter.

You can buy this adapter

brass quick connects

The thread on the elbow outlet is 1/2" NPT. You can add this adapter in order to attach a regular garden hose female end.

You could also buy our Road Shower 2 elbow and a Road Shower 2 hose and upgrade your Road Shower 1.

8) Can I mount the Road Shower to a roof top cargo basket?

Yes, you can drill holes in the basket itself, and run the bolts through the holes.

See the following pictures for an example.

You can also make an L bracket as in the picture below.

l bracket

L bracket mount


9) Can I use a compressor to pressurize the Road Shower?

Yes you can. Keep your pressure to 20PSI or less. See some pics below.


10) Can you cover up the Road Shower for insulation and keep the water warm?

Yes...if you fill it with warm water and put your cover on, it will stay warm for several hours. (This cover was custom made by a local upholster. We do not sell them at this time.

11) Can you mount the Road Shower to the gutter of a vehicle.

Yes. Mike in France did it this way.

Here's how to install you road shower to a T4 camper: Buy the standard T4 awning support brackets about 50€. Bend them back with a hammer and work bench. Follow instructions to install awning normally. Hey presto you can now enjoy using your roadshower even when you're wild camping, or at the beach with your pop up, up or down!

Here is another:

side mount on van



12. I can't reach the top of the Road Shower very well in order to pump it up. Is there some kind of air hose extension avaialable?

Yes there is. You can buy a 10' air hose extension for about $20.

Here is the photo and the link.


aiar hose

13.One question, has anyone frozen one and does the tank split?

Good question. I have had one freeze many times. It got down to about 18F. The tank did not split. The elbow did split. I have also had the nozzle split. All easily replaceable.

It will take a light freeze for sure. If the tank was completely full, it might split or bend the tank during a hard freeze. I would treat it like any other RV plumbing in the winter. Drain or insulate when expecting a hard freeze.

14. Can you mount it vertically?

Yes you can. The fill cap will need to be on the high end. Please see photos below.

15. Can you fill and pressurize with a hose like Rinsekit without pumping?

Yes, just attach your garden hose to the end of the Road Shower hose using a female coupler available from Lowes for $2. See our video here on how to do it.

fill with a hose