Road Shower 2 -


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1. High quality parts .

Road Shower 2 - each unit is pressure tested in the factory.

2. High Pressure Spray.

Get over 5 minutes of high pressure spray, or even longer on cone spray setting.

2. On/off switch. Locking loop to secure it.

There is now a locking loop on one end, so you can lock it to your rack with a cable. And there is a black handle on/off elbow so you can remove the hose while full and pressurized.

3. LCD Thermometer and a nice nozzle with brass fittings.

An LCD thermometer shows the water temperature. Any temperature over 90F is pretty comfortable. It would be very rare for the water to get too hot, which would be over 120F. The water heats up in about 3 hours. The new nozzle has high quality brass threads and a stainless steel inner spring. It shoots a more powerful spray.

4. Better hose ends. Mounting hardware comes with 2 sets of stainless steel bolts.

Brass hose ends that will not break or rust. They are secured with a stainless steel clamp that will not rust. The hose is brewery food grade material so it is safe for drinking water. The elbow is brass and is lead free. Tank is solid aluminum which is non-toxic and cannot rust. 2 sets of rust free stainless steel bolts to accommodate a variety of rack sizes.

5. Tougher Schrader valve.

This Schrader valve is a standard 1/4" NPT thread which is very thick and hard to snap off.