International Sales Outlets

Australia/New Zealand

Australia: Aussie Detectorist

New Zealand: Mudstuck


South Africa : Lumeno

Eastern Pacific

Japan : Road Shower Japan

Viet Nam: Vulcan Engineering & Trading Co.,Ltd


France - Switzerland: 4x4 OFFROAD PREPARATEUR

France - DoucheDeRoute Distribution

Germany: Bullifaktur

Germany - Austria - Switzerland : Overland Side Oryx Solutions

The Netherlands : 4x4 Center

Europe - Not EU

Norway : Diaproff

UK : Boondock Trailers


Canada: Cap-it - 30 locations

Canada: Burmis Outdoors

Canada: 4WP - 7 Locations

Middle East

Kuwait and Middle East - Bin Dousr trading

United Arab Emirates: Ramy4x4

Central and South America


Costa Rica: - Motortown CR

Peru : CRD Peru


To become an international dealer please contact us at Please click here fill out our international busines application.

Online - We will sell to the following countries until those countries have their own distributors. We do this via our ebay store. The ebay store takes care of the complexity of shipping and customs taxes. Visit our ebay store here for details.

Shipping to: Sweden, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Russian Federation, Israel, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Qatar, Bahrain, , Malaysia, Turkey, Brazil, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica. If you live in EU, see our EU distributors.

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