How it works

Easy to use and operate. Few mechanical or electrical parts mean this shower could last you a lifetime. Easy to repair with parts from the store.

1. Mount it to your rack

The Road Shower has a T-slot on the underside built into the aluminum body. A 5/16" carriage bolt slides from the end to the location of your mount. This is exactly the way that the old style Yakima bike tray mounts to a rack. It attaches to Yakima Round or Thule square bars, or factory mounted racks, or aeroblade, t-channel crossbars. Road Shower is the only rack mounted portable solar shower on the market. Be sure and tighten it really tight and check on the mounts while driving on rough roads.

2. Fill it up

Use a gallon jug or a garden hose. Holds 4,7, or 10 gallons depending on model. You can use drinking water because the aluminum and food grade clear poly hose are perfectly non-toxic. By the way, you can check the water level using the clear poly hose. Just open the cap and hold the hose nozzle above the top of the shower, and pull the trigger. The water inside the shower will fill the clear hose and show you the water level. Or attach your garden hose to the end of the Road Shower hose using a female coupler and fill and pressurize at he same time.

3. Let it heat up.

Road Shower uses the renewable energy of the sun. The sun heats the black surface on the outside which heats the water on the inside. The water temperature rises 12-20 degrees per hour on a warm sunny day. If your water starts at 60 degrees, it should be 90+ degrees in about 2 hours. It generally peaks out at 100-107F, and does not get hotter than that.

If there is no sun that day you can boil water on your camp stove and add it to the Road Shower for a nice warm shower. You can get a cheap pump for around $16, that will safely dispense the water from your pot to the Road Shower.

4. Pump it up.

The Road Shower works well using gravity for washing hands or cleaning spills. If you are using gravity, you may need to remove the cap to allow air to enter the tank. My first choice to pressurize is to connect with the included female to female connector and use your garden hose to fill and pressurize. However you can also add pressure to it by pumping it with a hand pump, a CO2 cartridge pump, a tire inflator or a compressor. When pressurized, you can squirt a jet of water up to 60 feet. After you pump it up, which would be about 15-25 pumps with a floor model bike pump and you should be able to get several minutes of pressurized water. The Road Shower comes with a pressure relief valve on the cap for safety, to help prevent over pressurization and a possible explosion. The cap valve releases at around 55 - 75 PSI depending on air temp, and other factors.
female to female connector

5. Pressurize and fill with just your garden hose.

You can pressurize and fill with with your garden hose. Just attach to the end of your Road Shower hose with a female to female connector.

6. Take a shower.

The nozzle is an adjustable garden hose nozzle. You can choose a variety of spray patterns by rotating the nose of the nozzle. If you need a lot of water fast, just remove the nozzle. The nozzle can be worked with one hand. Hands free showering can be had with our optional flex neck shower head.