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Mounting Hardware

mounting brackets

Road Shower comes with a universal mounting bracket pictured above. It wll mount to factory car racks, Yakima round bars, Thule square bars, and most other tack systems. If you find a rack or situation that these will not work on, please contact Cracks and Racks in Aspen, CO. They are the mounting experts and can help you with your mounting issues.


Accessories from other stores:

We do not carry some of these products yet on our online store. We have listed these as a suggestion for enhancing your Road Shower 


Gutter Mounting Kit

universal wraps

The Road Shower Support Bracket Kit allows you to mount your Road Shower on the rain gutter of your van. Available from Rocky Mountain Westy.

Having it mounted on the rain gutter keeps the road shower down low regardless if the top is popped or not. This makes refilling, pressurizing and even showering a much easier task. The spray nozzle will be much easier to access with its new lower position giving you more slack in the hose when showering and/or rinsing off your gear.




universal wrapsuniversal wraps

Available from Rocky Mounts for a few bucks. It makes it easier to get the Road Shower on and off a Yakima or Thule rack.


universal wraps

Yakima mighty mounts. Another way to mount to your vehicle rack.

Filler adapter

hose connector

Use a female to female hose connector to attach to your garden hose and your Road Shower hose to fill up and pressurize at the same time. Take a look at this one from Home Depot.





universal wraps

A lock to keep someone from stealing your shower. Get this Lockless Monster cable lock from our online store. Click here to buy one.


universal wraps

A lock to keep someone from stealing your shower. This is for Road Shower 1's that did not have a locking loop on the tank. Also can be used with Road Shower 2 if you prefer it to the cable lock above.

Tamper resistant nuts.

Tamper resistant nuts


Air Pumps

A Road Shower can take a lot of air. An electric pump is easy, but you might not want to take the time to set it up or maybe you don't have power. The floor pump will allow you to get the most pressure in the least amount of time. The CO2 pump is the most convenient, but cannot deliver as much pressure as a floor pump.

Tire Inflator


A portable tire inflator makes short work of pressurizing the Road Shower. Can be recharged by car battery. No messing around with cords. This is the inflator that I use. Runs abut $60.

Air hose extender


Hose Extension, Air, 120" Length, 3/16" ID. You can use this air hose extender with your pump or compressor to reach your Road Shower on a high roof. Allows you to pump from the ground.



A tire inflator makes short work of pressurizing the Road Shower. For Safety, do not pressurize greater than 20 PSI. Runs about $20.

universal wraps


Here is a floor pump with a 4' air hose, which makes it easier to pump up that Road Shower that is on a tall vehicle.

co2 pump

co2 pump

A portable pump like this will work. But it will take a lot of pumping.

co2 pump

A CO2 pump. This makes showering really easy.


CO2 Cartridges. About a buck each. You'll need one for each shower (2-3 gallons). You can buy them even cheaper in larger quantities.


universal wraps

A cheap stick on thermometer, if you want to see the temperature. This item is from our own store. For Road Shower 1 or to replace your thermometer that came with your Road Shower 2 or 3.



universal wraps

Get a pop up shower enclosure. There are others out there, so shop around.


Hose Accessories

A 7 Pattern hose nozzle if you want this type of nozzle, you can add it.



The Amazing Pocket hose that lets you extend your hose length to 25 feet. It only costs about $15.

brass quick connects

Quick connects for your nozzle. These are brass and a little more expensive, but nice.


brass quick connects

The thread on the elbow outlet is 1/2" NPT. You can add this adapter in order to attach a regular garden hose female end to your Road Shower 1. Not needed for Road Shower 2 or 3.