Road Shower 3

Road Shower 3


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Road Shower 3 – 80″ tank. Holds 8 Gallons.  Outlet on both ends.   

Out of Stock – Sorry. We will bring in a 10 gallon model late summer. It will be Road Shower 4L.

With the Road Shower 3 you can have pressurized water wherever you go. It will heat the water while you drive and can be ready to give you a high pressure hot shower. Hot or cold, the Road Shower has many uses: from the camp hose for dishes, a pressurized jet to rinse off dirty gear, a gentle spray for the pets, or for extra drinking water. There are no electrical parts to connect or propane to hook up. It is almost maintenance free and should last you many years. The water is there when you need it. Shipping is included.

You can choose a variety of methods for shipping at checkout, such as 2nd day air, ground, etc.  

Sorry, we are not selling the Road Shower 3 internationally yet.

Out of stock

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Product Description

Pictured is a Road Shower 3 with a Road Shower 2. The long one is the RS03.  

Road Shower 3 can have an outlet on either end. Pictured above is the plug where you can add another outlet or move the existing outlet to that side.

Road Shower 3 will be the same as Road Shower 2 with the following differences:

  • Holds 8 gallons.
  • Tank will be 80″ long. With the hose outlet(s) it will be 83-86″ long.
  • 4 clips to hold the hose instead of 3.
  • 85″ hose length.
  • Locking loops on both ends. You can use them with a small carabiner for lashing other things to the top. You can lock it from either end.
  • The end opposite the hose outlet will come with a plug. This plug can be removed and another outlet can be added (purchased separately).  This way you don’t have to worry which way the Road Shower is angled to get all of the water out.  Or you can move your outlet to the other end of the Road Shower 3 if that configuration works best for you.
  • Weight empty:  23 lbs.
  • Weight full:  80 lbs.  Check to make sure your rack can hold this much weight.
  • Pressure relief cap rated at 25 PSI instead of 18 PSI.  More pressure, less pumping.


Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 83 x 9 x 9 in